Best First Time Sex I Could Imagine

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ଏହିପରି ମନରେ ଉଠୁଥିବା ସମସ୍ତ ପ୍ରଶ୍ନର ଉତ୍ତରପାଆନ୍ତୁ ମାତ୍ର ଗୋଟିଏ କ୍ଲିକ୍ ରେ ତେବେ ଡ଼େରି କାହିକି ଏବେ ଡାଉନଲୋଡ କରନ୍ତୁ ଭାଗ୍ୟ ଭବିଷ୍ୟ ଆପ୍

My Hand Went To Unbutton Her Jeans And Under Her Underwear To Her Wet Pussy,She Too Grabbed My Dick Hard..

When I First Met Her ,We Were Still In School.Her Name Was Chanchal. She Was One Year  Junior To Me .I Was In Class 12th And She In 11th. During School Times We Barely Knew Each Other .We Just Knew Ourselves By Our Names And Classes.Although We Were Friends On Facebook But Still We Did Not Talk There Too.

‌I Was 24 Now , Out Of College And Doing Job . Shw Was 23. By The Time She Became Hotter..Now With A Certain Stroke Of Good Luck We Started Chatting On Facebook.We Talked About Our Lives And Stuff Like That She Was Also Working.The Frequent Chats Led To Phone Calls And Phone Calls  Led Us Meet Several Times And We Became Really Good Friends.

‌We Started Going For Shopping And Movies And We Started Spending Time With Each Other Even More. From Just Knowing Our Names To Spendng Time On Weekends Or Whenver We Got Time It Became Closer.Still I Could Not Say We Were In Love Or We Were A Couple,But Both Us Knew That It Was Just More Than A Friendly Relation.

‌Whether You Are In Love Or Not You Always Stare At Women's Body. Her Body Was Smoking Hot .She Was Beautiful. Her Hair ,Her Eyes And Her Smile Could Make You Go Crazy.

But What Made Her Smoking Hot Were Her Boobs And Ass And Flat Stomach.She Had Big Boobs Big Enough To Make Your Dick Hard And An Ass You Could Stare 24 /7 And Crave To Squeeze It Hard. I Had Fantasised And Masterbated Many Times Imagining Of Her Hot Body And Wished She Also Fantasised About Me.

It Had Been Months For Us Meeting And We Had Been Spending Time Together But Things Never Went That Sexy. We Never Sexted Nor Talked About Sex In Any Possible Manner Way Until This Happened.

It Was Weekend We Planned A Movie She Booked The Tickets And Told Me To Pick Her From Home Her Parents Were Not Home. I Rode On My Motorbike And Reached Her Home. She Was Wearing A Pink Top And A Black Jeans Which Made Her Look Super Hot. She Sat Behind Me On The Bike And We Went To The Cinema .Trafiic Is Such A Problem Sometimes But Today It Wasn't. I Had To Make Breaks And Then Which Made Here Boobs Touch My Back.I Felt Heaven With The Touch Of Her Soft Breasts. I Felt A Throbbing Sensation In My Pants. Now More Breaks And More Soft Touch Of Her Breasts On My Back.I Advertantly Applied More Breaks And More Touch Of Her Soft Glands . I Think She Too Knew It But She Was Enjoying It Too It. Thunking Of Her Enjoying Made My Dick Hard. But Cinemma Hall Was Not That Far We Reached In Time And Went Inside.

Our Seats Were Top Row At The Back And Two Seats At The End Of The Row To The Left Side .There Was Not Much People But Our Row A Little Full .There Were Two Empty Seats Between Our Seats And The One Whwer A Guy Sat, But Yes Otherwise It Was Full. The Movie Started It Was A Romantic Movie . We Watched The Movie For About One Hour And We Looked Each Other At Times And Then A Sex Scene Came On It.The Scene Put Kerosene To The Fire.

The Scene Made Me( Or Us) Horny .We Both Looked Each Other Then At The Screen . Suddenly Chanchal Put Her Right Hand On My Thigh And Could Not Understand What Do I Do. To Honor Her I Also Moved My Hand To Caress Her Soft Thighs. Then She Came Close And Whispered In My Left Ear " Shy Bastard".Suddenly She Moved Her Hand Between My Legs And Grabbed My Penis Hard .I Was Amazed With Joy.Was It A Dream?. I Could Not Believe What Was Happening.

But I Had To Take The Revenge Of The " Shy Bastard " Thing.Taking The Advantage Of Low Light I Went To Unbutton Her Jeans Button And Now Placed My Hand Between Her Legs I Went Under Her Underwear And Now Touched Her Pussy It Was Hairless And Wet I Started Rubbing Her Clit And She Started Very Little Inadible Moans She Grobbed My Dick Even Hard To Full Erection But Taking It Out Could Be Dangerous In A Movie Hall .

Now I Started Rubbing Her Pussy Harder And Her Moans Became Louder Than Before So I Stopped .But My Hand Was Still In The Wet Region. "God " I Was In Heaven Not In A Cinema Hall. Now I Took My Hand Out And Caressed Her Left Boob I Slightly Pressed It But She Put It Away .Now I Put My Hand In From The Back Of Her T Shirt Into Her And Went For Her Bra Strap I Was About To Unhook It But She Said Slowly "Not Here , People Will Know ". I Was Not Going To Stop So I Now Placed My Hand In The Back Of Her Geans And Grabbed The 25 Percent Of Her Ass Hard The Other Hand Went Between Her Legs And I Started Rubbing And Grobbing Both Her Pussy And Her Ass Together.

I Lost Control And Made The Rubbing Even Hard And She Came And Moaned Louder ,Loudest Thus Time.This Attacted The Attention Of People On Our Left I Took My Hand Out She Buttoned And Adjusted Her Jeans And Looked At Me In A Confused Way .My Jeans Held Me Hide My Erection Better. Now It Was Time To Go .  We Rushed Outside As Fast As We Could For The Bike And Went To Her Home Her Parents Were Out For A Day Or Two.

‌On The Back Trip She Sat As Close She Could Sit And Grabbed My Chest With Both Her Hands. We Went Inside Her House And Then Her Bedroom And We Started Kissing Real Hard It Was Our First Kiss And It Felt Heavens.We Kept Kissing My Hands Went To Grab Her Hot Ass And I Squeezed Them Hard, She Grabbed Mine. Her Ass Felt Really Nice Now My Hands Went To Grab Her Boobs And They Felt Amazing And We Kept Kissing More .I Was In No Hurry This Was My First Time And Hers Too I Guessed. I Took Part From Her Lips And Now Kissed Her Neck I Circled My Tounge Around Herr Ears And Now The Portion Above Her Breasts Grabbing And Kissing She Too Hold Of My Dick Through My Pants And Made Me Undone My T Shirt. Now I  Unbuttoned Her Jeans And Slided My Hands Under Her Wet Pussy And Started Rubbing Even Harder Than The Cinema, She Too Craved For My Dick I Guided Her Hand And Unbuttoned My Jeans And Huge Fat Cock Was Out In Her Hand And She Started Giving It Jerks It Was Just Fun We Kissed I Rubbed And She Jerked .She Removed My Pants And Underwear And Started Jerking Me Even More. I  Gave A Strong Kiss On Her Lips Undid Her T Shirt And Pressed Her Boobs She Went Crazy She Said Now You Can Open It  .My Hand Went For It And Unhooked Her Bra Perky Round Tits Were Ready With Nipples Super Hard To Be Sucked . I Sucked One Of The Nipples And Grabbed Another Boob With My Left Hand . She Moaned In Joy.Then I Went For The Other Nipple And  Sucked It Too. I Could Feel Pussyjuices From Her Pussy Dribbling On My Hand .I Undid Her Jeans And Now Her Black Panty, Soaked In Wetness Too . Her Pussy Was Awesome Recently Shaved Just For A Situation Like This.Now We Both Were Naked.She Started Kissing I Grasped Her By Her Hair And Turned Her, Her Ass Touching My Hard Cock.I Put My Left Hand On Her Pussy ,Right Hand On Her Both Breasts Grasping Them Hard Her Pointed Nipples Even More Harder  And My Cockk In Between Her Butt Crack. I Rubbed Her Pussy Harder My Dick Made Movements Between Her Butt Crack In Up And Down Motions Making Her Butts Wet With My Pre Cum, My Other Hand Grasped Her Boobs Tight And My Lips Kissed All Over Her Neck And Ears.She In Return Grabbed My Penis And Steokes It Hard I Made Up And Down Movemnts In Her Hand And Butt Crack.This Continued Till She Moaned Again The Hardest This Time. The Harder She Moaned And Struggled To Be Free, Harder I Made The Grasp Of Her.It Was Her Second Orgasm .She Looked Into My Eyes It Was Love Or Lust But We Were Enjoying It . I Turned Her Round Again Kissed And Again Grabbed Her  Hot Butts. She Kissed My Neck And From There Went To Kiss My Nipples Too Meanwhile Her Hands Stroking My Love Muscle Harder. I Needed To Fuck Her Bad, In A Commanded Way Now I Threw Her To Her Bed . I Put My Head In Between Her Legs And Started Sucking Her Super Hot Wet Pussy. She Too Enjoyed It And Lifted Her Hips Up And Down.

Now We  Needed A Condom Coz We Both Were Virgins. She Had Arranged For It . "A Well Planner ". I Put The Condom On ,She Lay On Her Back On Her Bed I Kissed On Her Lips Her Neck Her Erect Nipples And From Then To Her Navel And Finally Between Her Legs. I Kissed Her Clit With My Tounge There On Circular Motions And Now It Was Time For My Cock .I Slowly Brought The Tip Of My Penis Near Her Pussy And Started Rubbing It In There I Gently Pushed It In My One Hand Pressing Her Left Boob. Her Wet Pussy Helped Me Slide It A Little Inside. But It Could Not Go Further So I Started More Force And She Now Started Moaning In A Little Pain .I Applied All The Force And Pushed My Dick Inside Her Wet Pussy.Now She Screamed With Pain, She Cried .I Took The Penis Out The Part Was Covered With A Little Blood I Made Her Sit And Hugged I Said " Everything Is Fine,I Love You". This Was The First Time I Told Her That I Loved Her.We Cleaned The Blood On Condom And Her Pussy And Now I Re Entered The Penis Into Her Vagina This Time Her Juices Helped With Little Less Force And Started Fucking Her It Was Missionary Position We Kissed And Fucked. I Rubbed Her Clit As I Fucked Finally She Came Again And  And I Too Came God It Was Loads Of Cum I Removed The Condom To Come On Her Stomach. We Kissed Again I Cleaned Her Stomach With Tissue  And We Lay On Her Bed As Close As We Could Get .

‌I Told Her I Love You And She Gave A Long Kiss On My Lips And Said "I Love You More Than My Life" . We Both Slept As We Were Tired . About Half An Hour We Were Both Ready Again . I Asked Her Baby Are You Ready She Said "For You Always "

This Time She Was On Top And Guided My Penis Into Her Vagina , It Went Inside Without Much Effort And She Rode Me With Her Lips On My Lips And Continued Kissing And My Hands On Her Tits She Rode Me Like She Was Riding A Horse . About Five Minutes She Came And   I Cummed Inside Her.Now We Both Were Too Tired So We Kissed And Slept.The Seed Of Love Had Been Planted Now. It Was Out Thirt Time And Now I Bent On Her Knees And Insetes My Penis Into Her Vagina In Doggy Style .This Was The Hardest Fucking We Did That Day .She Moaned With Shivering While I Unloaded Loads Of Cum Into Her.We Slept For The Rest Of The Evening Closed In Each Other's Arm.

This Was The Best First Time Sex We Could Imagine.This Incident Made Us Closer Than Ever It Made Us Our Souls Mates. We Fucked Again And Again But More Than Fucking We Loved Each Other. I Am 26 Now And She Is 25 In A Healthy Relationship And Waiting For Next Month To Marry.

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